Rogue Lords - A Dark Fantasy RogueLite where you have to cheat to win the game

A dark fantasy roguelike game where you play as the devil

and you work with death and use your evil powers to manipulate battles and break the rules of play. Well, that's Rogue Lords, let's talk about it!

Rogue Lord's story lets you play as a vampire who once lead a mighty army, but was beaten and banished. You sat in hell absorbing the souls of the dead until you were strong enough to return to the overworld. Taking your key allies with you you seek revenge on the demon hunters and heroes who wronged you.

So I've played rogue lords on the closed beta, and I just wanted to share what the game is, how it works and if it's fun to play. The full game will be out in fall 2021 per the steam page and doesn't currently have a purchase price.

So What do you do in Rogue Lords?

So let's get into it, what do you actually do in Rogue Lords. The game plays as your standard roguelike experience of picking your party, head out into a mission, progress down branching and decisive paths, make choices, get stronger and fight a boss at the end. But unlike most roguelikes this has some really unique and niche differences that really make the game stand out.

I'm going to cover the coolest, sexiest and mind-blowing feature first, as it is the only game I've ever played that does this and it is crazy! So as mentioned before you play as the devil, and you recruit a set of companions. In the closed beta, I had access to Bloody mary and the headless horseman.

Use Demonic Powers to cheat the game!

And as you progress through the game you have this resource in the top left, at first, you think this is your health, but the resource is demonic power and can be used to bend the rules and cheat the game and it can be used whenever you want.

for example if the enemy puts a shield buff on themself, steal it and put it on your character. The enemy puts a bleed or curse on you - move it onto the weakest enemy.

Up against the wall with no way out, literally, reduce the enemies health.

This sounds like it breaks the game, and it does, but to combat this, the game is made to be super hard, so you always have a challenge above what you are capable of, so you cheat to even the playing field.

There are also these non-combat floors where you have to win basically speech checks. And you can cheat here to up your chances of convincing people or turning people. There is plenty of other things you can do with this too as you play, but I wanted to shout this out immediately as I play a lot of games in this genre and a lot of games are just copying the most successful ones. So it's really refreshing to see someone try something completely different and bring something totally new to the table.

But what do you do outside of just cheating the game?

With that out of the way, so you pick your party members and head out to these missions.

You can run into a bunch of random events, shops, those speech check non-combat areas and then fights. There are basic fights, elite fights and boss fights and the harder the fight the better the reward. If you've played any game like this you'll totally feel familiar here.

But how does combat work in Rogue Lords?

Its turn-based combat, but there is something super confusing, after playing through the beta I still struggle with it. Unlike every other turn-based combat game out there, where you use your players moves and then switch to the next character. Here you have a group action pool.

so you have a base energy of 5 split between the 3 characters.

So for example, bloody mary had a really cool ability where she could create a bloody mary mirror and do double damage, so I found myself using her a lot, but then I would totally neglect the headless horseman character.

Its a super complicated system and it doesn't feel natural, but it does make the game harder and add an extra element of strategy. I hope when the game comes out, this feels smoother because I found it easier just to funnel all the best abilities into my favourite character and just neglect the others.

But yeah that's how the game works. You have buffs, debuffs, damage, defence. Your actions run out and take time to recharge. Obviously you can use your devil powers to just completely remove that cooldown though. So I would use bloody mary and then just use my devil powers to reset her and use her again. A really cool idea that is actually played out well.

The only other cool thing about combat is you have health and spirit and attacks can damage either one, remove either their hp or sp to nil to defeat them.


And that's the game really!

This isn't a review because there isn't enough of the game open to be critical about it. But I found it super interesting and unique and wanted to make a video, to give raise awareness about this game.

When someone does something unique and different, it should be praised and this game is looking super unique in a really stale genre. The complexity of combat mixed with the dark setting and the ability to purely cheat the game makes me super excited for this one!

So yeah guys, if you like roguelikes consider wish listing or putting it on your games to watch.

I'm sure I'll have a review out for it in the future and I cover roguelike games all the time, so consider subscribing to my youtube or checking out the full video review below


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